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January 1, 2019 


North Laine graffiti task force restores civic pride 

By Aidan Barlow


GRAFFITI and tagging has been a regular feature blighting our communities. 

The Argus has reported on how the ugly scrawl has been appearing on our walls, bus shelters, houses and businesses across the city.


Even council studies have shown an alarming rise in the amount of vandalism across the city, and thousands of pounds of public money are spent trying to combat it.


Without a doubt, engaging street art can bring life to some of the uglier urban areas in our city, and we have a wealth of talented artists who are brought in. 

Sometimes, whatever your view, there can also be engaging art pieces in places where artists do not have permission. 

It is better for everyone for artists to work with communities, and a great example of that can be seen around the streets of North Laine.


But tagging and scrawling of names often has no artistic skill or merit, and all too often it appears in prominent places, acting to drag an area down and make it look unkempt and unloved. 

That is why the community effort in North Laine, which we have reported on today, is an excellent example of what communities can do. The North Laine Community Association deserves a lot of credit for its task force. 

The team goes out with brushes, wipes, and paint rollers to remove or quickly cover over the tatty graffiti that so often blights the neighbourhood. 


It means damage is repaired at a faster rate than which it is caused by the vandals and works to promote community pride at the same time. It also shows that communities don’t have to wait for council action. 

For reports on the work of the Anti-Tagging Task Force click here

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