Latest Planning applications



BH2020/00984 38 Gloucester Road

Approval of details reserved by condition 2a (window and door details) of application BH2004/00186/FP


BH2020/00681 13-14 Sydney Street (The Roastery, by Trading Post)

Display of 1no externally illuminated fascia sign


BH2020/00933 33 Queens Gardens

Change of use from five bedroom dwelling house (C3) to five bedroom small house in multiple occupation. (C4)


BH2020/00550  GBMet, Pelham Street (East Side)

Reserved matters application pursuant to outline permission BH2018/02607 for approval of appearance, internal layout and landscaping relating to 135 new residential units at Site B.

BH2020/00699  20 - 22 Gloucester Place

Erection of two storey extension to the roof to form an additional 4no dwelling units and associated works.

BH2020/00505  99 - 100 North Road & 42 Vine Street

Erection of an additional storey to create 2no two-bedroom flats with terraces. Change of use of existing retail unit (A1) at 42 Vine Street to office (B1) incorporating replacement roof & shopfront. Erection of first floor extension & mezzanine extension to provide additional office space (B1) including refurbishment of existing office at 100 North Road

BH2020/00461  13-16 Vine Street

Change of Use of first and second floor residential  (C3) to office (B1)


BH2020/00411  Gloucester Building, Trafalgar Court

Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 5 (cycle parking facilities details) and 6 (scheme providing that residents have no entitlement to a resident's parking permit) of application BH2019/00422.


BH2020/00500  The Green Dragon, 8 - 9 Sydney Street

Installation of 2no AC condenser units and associated screening.


BH2020/00326  GBMet, Pelham Street

Outline application for Site B (East side of Pelham Street). Demolition of York, Trafalgar and Cheapside buildings and the erection of up to 135 residential units (C3) at maximum of 6 storeys with associated new and relocated vehicular accesses, car and cycle parking in order to remove the requirement for hermetically sealed windows, and to alter the permitted vehicular access arrangements to the courtyard in Site B.


BH2020/00339 Gloucester Building (rear of), Trafalgar Court

Erection of a two-storey rear extension to form one 2-bed dwelling (C3) with associated works

BH2020/00151 The Great Eastern, 103 Trafalgar Street

Display of externally illuminated hanging sign, letter and non-illuminated fascia sign and lettering


BH2020/00205  45 Tidy Street

Installation of rear dormer incorporating 2no rooflights for bedroom loft conversion, revised fenestration, bifold doors at rear, and associated alterations (Retrospective)


BH2020/00321  Ground Floor 1 Jubilee Street Five Guys JV Ltd Burgers and Fries etc (was Carluccio’s)

External alterations to façade including installation of metal cladding, and creation of external seating area


BH2020/00215 23 Trafalgar Street

Change of use from retail (A1) to mixed use retail and drinking establishment (A1/A4), installation of new shopfront incorporating separate entrance to upper floor maisonette, installation of external stairs and seating to rear, revised fenestration and associated works

BH2019/03472 21 Foundry Street

Replacement of windows and doors to front and rear elevations with new timber windows and doors, incorporating new bifold doors to rear.


BH2019/03369 10 Over Street

Replacement of existing timber or metal framed casement windows with uPVC casement windows (Retrospective)


BH2019/03049  Gloucester Building (Locally Listed), Trafalgar Court

Erection of a three storey rear extension to form 1no two bedroom dwelling with associated works.


BH2019/03493  Gloucester Building Trafalgar Court

Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 5 (cycle parking facilities details) and 6 ((scheme providing that residents have no entitlement to a resident's parking permit) of application BH2019/00422.


BH2019/03445  46 Queens Gardens

Roof alterations incorporating raising ridge height, reroofing, installation of 2no front and 1no rear rooflights. Replacement of all windows, doors and rooflights with uPVC double glazed units.


BH2019/03578 22 Over Street

Replacement of windows with UPVc (Retrospective)

BH2019/03377  Car Park 7 - 9 Frederick Street

Erection of a part two, part three storey (plus lower ground level) building to form 4no. new flats (C3), and associated works. The 4no. flats will consist of 2no. two bedroom flats, and 2no. studio flats.


BH2019/03446  5 Gardner Street (Pearls)

Alterations to shopfront incorporating installation of timber bi-fold windows

BH2019/03276  40 Gardner Street

Erection of rear conservatory at second floor level and relocation of external staircase with associated alterations.


BH2019/03351 8 - 9 Sydney Street, The Green Dragon (was The Office) now taken over by Enterprise Inns

Display of externally illuminated fascia and hanging signs, internally illuminated menu signs and non-illuminated panel sign.


BH2019/03244 42-46 Frederick Place

Application for Variation of Condition 1 of application BH2019/02247 (Alterations to front entrance incorporating new glazing, access steps and other associated works) to amend approved drawings for alterations to external ground finishes and refurbishment of planters.


BH2019/03075 Travis Perkins Trading Co Ltd Trafalgar Lane

Erection of boundary fence and gates.

BH2019/03019  23 Gloucester Road (was Bathstore)

Installation of non-illuminated fascia signs

Beyond Retro is moving from 42 Vine Street to the above address and wish to change Bathstore’s logo


BH2019/03143 GBMet, Pelham Street

Application for Approval of Details Reserved by Conditions 11 (Landscaping & Transport) and 16 (Samples) of application BH2018/02607


BH2019/03150  41 Bond Street

Change of use of first, second and third floors from hostel (C1) to 3no two bedroom flats (C3) incorporating three storey rear extension with third floor balcony and revised rear fenestration. Retention of 2no studio holiday lets (C1) at ground and basement levels as well as existing ground floor shop space (A1)

BH2019/03130 11 Surrey Street

Change of use of ground floor retail unit (A1) and first floor flat (C3) to 1no two bedroom dwelling (C3) with alterations to fenestration and installation of rooflights to side and rear

BH2019/03029  18 Kensington Gardens

Change of use from mixed use residential and commercial (C3/A1) to commercial throughout (A1)


BH2019/03013  13-14 Sydney Street

Installation of extraction flue to rear elevation

BH2019/02940  8 Kensington Street

Removal of existing chimney stack


BH2019/02838  8 Marlborough Place

Erection of five storey rear extensions to existing flats at basement, ground, first, second and third floors 


BH2019/02613  Towerpoint, 44 North Road

Replacement of single glazed aluminium windows and louvre vents with double glazed aluminium windows and ventilation grills


BH2019/02733  22 Foundry Street

Householder Planning Consent for replacement of timber framed windows and timber doors with timber windows and door to the front elevation, and aluminium clad timber windows and door to the rear elevation. Proposals also incorporate the replacement of the tiled roof with slate tiles, and re-rendering where necessary


BH2019/02892  9 Kensington Place

Householder Planning Consent for erection of single storey ground floor rear infill extension


BH2019/02962  10 Kensington Gardens

Installation of 2no telecoms equipment cabinets and associated works

Supplementary information from Applicant: As part of Telefónica’s continued network improvement program, there is a specific requirement for a new site at the above, in order to provide maintained, extended and improved 3G and 4G coverage and capacity, in this busy part of Brighton. Mobiles can only work with a network of base stations in place where people want to use their mobile phones or other wireless devices. Without base stations, the mobile phones and other devices we rely on simply won’t work. This can be achieved by installing some small microcell antennas at 10 Kensington Gardens and deploying 2no. small cabinets in an accessible rear roof top area, (which has prompted the need for this application)


The cabinets are  largely screened from public views and placed in an area that is used for storage together with other plant and machinery. They are  small items of equipment, which should have no discernible impact, and they are in particular well removed from the most visual and important parts of the designated North Laine Conservation Area


We would repeat that we have carefully placed and designed the scheme to ensure the principles of good siting and appearance are adhered to. The overall impact of the installation on the environment and building is very limited



North Laine Community Association Registered charity number 273989

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