NORTH LAINE Community Association is becoming more digital – in addition
to the Runner and our website we want to do more more with Facebook,
YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. This will provide more immediate ways
for residents and businesses to interact and share information.

About ten years ago the NLCA created a website populated with information, histories and stories. We received a grant to create it and formed teams
to write pages and upload pictures. But, inevitably, technology and
methods change.

We have taken steps to harness newer tools for the benefit of the association. Based on the success of the anti-tagging task-force, we’ve set up more
Facebook groups.

We now have groups to show what’s on, organise social get-togethers, share
tips on gardening, help wanted – and “everything else”.  We also have a YouTube channel, and Twitter and Instagram accounts, so please follow us there and help us to build by joining in the conversation using our hashtags.


Here are the groups:

WHAT'S ON: Share announcements about activities happening in and around North Laine. If you hear of, or see, something interesting then pop a message
on here.


GET TOGETHER: Share details of ad-hoc meet-ups, invitations to dinner, trips to the pub or outings to the theatre.


HELP WANTED: Need a plumber, help putting up a shelf,
a babysitter, recommendations on curtains? Say what you
need and neighbours can help.


PLANTERS: Do you have an interest in gardening, want to swap cuttings, or maybe let neighbours have a glimpse at your glorious garden?    


NLCA ANTI-TAGGING GROUP: This is where we coordinate action to remove tags from North Laine streets.


EVERYTHING ELSE: Here’s the place for anything else you want to post. Perhaps you need to know how to report overflowing bins, maybe you’ve experienced antisocial behaviour and need advice, or you’ve thought of another activity we can do?


TAG FREE BRIGHTON: Building on the success of the anti-tagging task force, we’ve inspired people outside North Laine to start similar activities. We’ve created a Facebook group for people outside the area to share success stories and other information. Please pass this link on to anyone who asks how the NLCA started to tackle the problem and what they can do about it.


OTHER MEDIA: Follow us on Twitter @NorthLaineCA , Instagram @nlcainsta and YouTube by typing North Laine Community Association NLCA into the YouTube search box.


                                                             Gareth Davies, NLCA digital coordinator  

Welcome to our digital future

North Laine Community Association Registered charity number 273989

Get in touch via email or join us on social media



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