Licensing Applications


1445/3/2020/00598/LAPREV Cut Your Wolf Loose, 23 Trafalgar Street

Variation to Licence below:

Alcohol consumed both on and off the premises 8am – 11pm Mon-Sat; 10am – 10.30pm Sun.

1445/3/2020/00217/LAPRET (transfer of licence)

Cut Your Wolf Loose, 23 Trafalgar Street (was Trafalgar Wines)

Sale of Alcohol Off Premises 8am – 11pm Mon-Sat; 8am – 10.30pm Sun

1445/3/2020/00238/LAPREN (new licence) The Roastery, By Trading Post 13-14 Sydney Street (used to be Gunns, then Bench, then Cyberdog)

Sale by Alcohol On Premises 10am – 10pm every day

1445/2019/05485/LAPREV  Dough Lover Diner 99 Trafalgar Street

The Premises Licence Holder proposes to extend the authorised hours for the sale of alcohol every day from: 08:00:00 to: 20:00:00 for restaurant purposes.  


1445/3/2019/05335/LATMPL Munchie Craft (previously The Grapevine B&B/hostel)

Late temporary event notice issued 31 October


1445/3/2019/05055/LAPREV  The Office, Sydney Street (Bermondsey Pub Co.Ltd)

1. To permit alterations and amend the plan that attaches to the premises licence. The works consist of the following: New structural opening to wall within trading area to improve access and visibility to kitchen and garden areas. Bar servery relocated to new position. Remove existing fixed seating. New fixed seating to new layout.


2. To remove embedded conditions relating to the accommodation of children and permitted hours.


3. To add a new condition relating to the accommodation of children.

North Laine Community Association Registered charity number 273989

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