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Licensing applications

Please attend hearings if you can


North Laine is in the cumulative impact zone (CIZ), yet more and more alcohol licences are being granted here (350% increase since 2005). NLCA representatives attend the council's quarterly Licensing Strategy Group, and do their best to raise awareness of drink-related problems in our area. The police monitor licensing applications and where they oppose a licence, the NLCA will do so, too. We also receive support from our local councillors and it helps us greatly if local residents also attend Hearings. So please consider doing so, especially if you are concerned about one near you.

The latest licensing applications are below. If you have concerns regarding a licence, please come to an NLCA resident's meeting or email our licensing coordinator, Roy Skam, at:



1445/3/2021/01298/LAPREN  Blend & Brew, 44 Trafalgar Street

Sae of alcohol On Premises 12noon – 10pm Fri/Sat; 12noon – 5pm Sun, Mon, Tues & Wed;

12noon – 8pm Thurs.

Consultation closes 3 June


2021/01230/LAPRMV  Two Hungry Puppies  16 Jubilee Street  (was Pizza Express)

Sale of alcohol On Premises 11.30am to midnight Mon-Sat; 12.30 to 10.30pm Sun

[These hours are the same as previously granted to Pizza Express]


1445/3/01039/LAPREN  Café Sixteen, 16 Sydney Street

Sale of alcohol On Premises 10am – 7pm, every day

Consultation closes 13 May


1445/3/2021/00790/LAPREV  Franco Manca, 1-2 Regent Street/Frontage on Church St

This application seeks to add an additional piece of land (leased to the restaurant) for outside dining.  Licensing hours unchanged (10am – midnight, On Sales only)

Consultation closes 21 April

1445/3/2021/00707/LAPREN  The Wine Cellar, 17 Marlborough Place

Sale of alcohol On and Off Premises 12 noon – 11pm every day

[Applicant agreed to remove Off Premises. Hearing cancelled]

1445/3/2021/00677/LAPREN  The Ironworks Studios (Brighton Pride CIC) Cheapside

Sale of alcohol On Premises 8am – midnight every day

Note: there are two separate studio areas, A & B.  Studio A is the larger of the two facilities and will offer video production facilities and flexible-use space with rake seating for 170-220 people. Both spaces will be available for showcases, performances, LGBTQ film screenings, conferences, press launches, and education lectures/debates.

Consultation closes 13 April

1445/3/2021/00635/LAPREV La Choza Corner of 36 Gloucester Road/Queens Gardens

Application to increase the outside dining time (currently until 7.30pm) to 10pm from April until October, while closing 7.30 on Sundays( expect bank holidays)

Closing date 7 April [Agreed with EHL and residents to change to 9pm]

1445/3/2021/00468/LAPREN  Weezy Fulfilment Centre, Units 8 & 9 Trafalgar Arches

Sale of alcohol Off Premises between 7am and 11pm, every day

New Premises Licence for locally based home delivery grocery centre. The premises will not be open to the public. Grocery shopping, which will include alcohol, will be delivered to the customer by electric vehicles.

[Refused following Hearing 26 April]